It is a company's responsibility to get back to basics. E.P. Heller Company is that kind of company. This calls for a total commitment to quality. If you give quality, you get quality in return. Number one is service. The understanding of our customers' needs and requirements requires engineering assistance, new products development and the right products to maximize our goals for productivity.
E.P. Heller Company believes that to get the job done we have to get the right products to the right place at the right time to maximize productivity for our customers.
E.P. Heller Company is a manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools and represents Dotco and Gardner Denver (Cooper Industries) in pneumatic tools. By being a specialist in the metal removal business and pneumatic tools, E.P. Heller Company has unique benefits to offer our customers.
For nearly three decades, E.P. Heller Company has earned a reputation and position of leadership in the innovative design and manufacturing of specialized products for deburring, grinding, machining, filing, sanding and polishing to meet the needs of our customers. Low initial costs that puts E.P. Heller Company very competitively priced in the market place with a flexible pricing schedule on all E.P. Heller Company products for our customers (new cutting tools and resharpening service for cutting tools).



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